LIC Forms

The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has established a set of standardized forms to streamline various processes for its policyholders. Among these essential documents are the Proposal Form (Form 300), which is used for initiating new insurance policies, the Policy Revival Form for reinstating lapsed policies, and the Claim Settlement Form designed to facilitate the efficient processing of claims.

Types of LIC Forms

These standardized forms ensure that all necessary information is accurately captured and processed, providing clarity and consistency across LIC’s numerous administrative procedures. By adhering to these prescribed forms, LIC enhances transparency and efficiency, ultimately benefiting its extensive customer base.

We have listed all the LIC forms required, their purpose and a downloadable PDF in the table below. Print the forms on a plain paper and submit them with your local LIC branch duly filled in.

Most Popular LIC Forms

  1. Proposal Form (Form 300)
    • Purpose: This form is used to initiate a new insurance policy with LIC. It collects detailed information about the proposer, including personal details, health information, and the type of policy being applied for.
  2. Policy Revival Form
    • Purpose: This form is used to revive a lapsed insurance policy. Policyholders who have missed premium payments can fill out this form to request the reinstatement of their policy, subject to certain terms and conditions.
  3. Claim Settlement Form
    • Purpose: This form is essential for filing a claim with LIC. Whether it’s a death claim, maturity claim, or a health insurance claim, this form gathers all necessary details to process and settle the claim efficiently.
  4. Nomination Form (Form 5196)
    • Purpose: This form allows policyholders to nominate a person to receive the policy benefits in the event of the policyholder’s death. It ensures that the benefits are directed to the intended nominee without any legal complications.
  5. NEFT Mandate Form
    • Purpose: This form is used to facilitate the electronic transfer of policy benefits directly to the policyholder’s or nominee’s bank account. It helps in ensuring timely and hassle-free payment of claims, maturity proceeds, and other payouts.

How to Download LIC Forms:

Step-by-step guide on downloading forms from the LIC website with screenshots.

How to Fill LIC Forms:

Instructions on filling out common LIC forms including downloadable templates with annotations. LIC forms can be downloaded from LIC of India’s official website

Benefits of Using LIC Forms Online

Convenience, efficiency, and accuracy of using online forms.


LIC Policy Forms / LIC application forms

Form NameDescriptionDownload Link
LIC form No. 300LIC Proposal forms300

LIC Claim forms

Death Claim Forms

LIC claim form No. 3783 AIf policy has run for 3 years or more from date or risk, claim form no.3783A may be used.3783A
Form No. 3783LIC claim form3783

LIC Maturity Claim Forms

LIC form No. 3825Maturity claim form3825

Survival Benefit Claims Forms

Form No. 5180Survival Benefit Claims forms5180

LIC Revival Forms

LIC form No. 680Revival of Lapsed Policy680
LIC form No. 700Revival of lapsed policy700
LIC form No. 720720

LIC Duplicate Policy Forms

LIC form No. 3756LIC forms required for issuance of duplicate policy3756

LIC maturity payout forms

LIC form No. LIC maturity forms 3756

Important LIC Forms

Form NameDescriptionDownload LinkLanguageFile Type
Form No. 3510 3510EnglishPDF
Form No. 360 360English PDF 
Form No. 3750 3750English PDF
Maturity claim  English PDF
Suitability analysis  English PDF
Nominee change  English PDF
Form No. 3815  English PDF
New policy  English PDF
Form No. 16  English PDF
Form No. 14  English PDF
Form No. 1C  EnglishPDF
Form No. 142  EnglishPDF
Form No. 15h  EnglishPDF
Form No. 15g  EnglishPDF
Form No. 189  EnglishPDF
Form No. 3825  EnglishPDF
Form No. 3762  EnglishPDF
Form No. 3264  EnglishPDF
Form No. 5074  EnglishPDF
Form No. 5196  EnglishPDF
Form No. 5198  EnglishPDF
Form No. 680 rev 87  EnglishPDF
Form No. 660  English PDF
Form No. 7554  English PDF
Form No. 7649  English PDF
Form No. 7250  English PDF
Update bank details  English PDF

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