LIC Plans

Different types of LIC of India plans along with a list of plans under each category and a brief table mentioning their basic features:


  1. Pension Plans: Pension plans offered by LIC are designed to provide financial security and regular income during the policyholder’s retirement years. These plans help individuals build a corpus over the years and offer annuity options to receive regular payouts after retirement.
Plan NameTable No.Maximum TermMinimum TermPremiumUnique Selling Point (USP)
Jeevan Akshay VI810LifetimeImmediateLump-sumImmediate annuity option with a range of payout options.
New Jeevan Nidhi81235 years5 yearsRegularDual benefit of pension and life cover. Guaranteed additions during the accumulation phase.
Jeevan Shanti850LifetimeImmediateLump-sumFlexibility to choose immediate or deferred annuity. Multiple annuity options for individuals and their spouses.
Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY)84210 years10 yearsLump-sumGovernment-backed pension scheme for senior citizens. Guaranteed interest and pension payment for 10 years.


  1. Unit Linked Plans: Unit Linked Plans (ULIPs) offered by LIC combine insurance coverage with investment opportunities. Policyholders can allocate their premiums into various funds and enjoy potential market-linked returns.
Plan NameTable No.Maximum TermMinimum TermPremiumUnique Selling Point (USP)
Nivesh Plus84925 years10 yearsFlexibleChoice of multiple investment funds and options. Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) available for better investment timing.
New Endowment Plus83520 years5 yearsRegularAdditional life cover and the option to enhance coverage through riders. Market-linked investment growth potential.


  1. Micro Insurance Plans: Micro Insurance Plans from LIC aim to provide affordable insurance coverage to economically vulnerable sections of society.
Plan NameTable No.Maximum TermMinimum TermPremiumUnique Selling Point (USP)
Micro Bachat86115 years5 yearsLowProtection and savings-oriented micro-insurance product.
Bhagya Lakshmi82925 years5 yearsAffordableInsurance coverage for rural and underprivileged women.
Jeevan Madhur83225 years5 yearsNominalAffordable insurance and savings for low-income groups.


  1. Withdrawn Plans: LIC has withdrawn some of its older plans from the market.
Plan NameTable No.Maximum TermMinimum TermPremiumUnique Selling Point (USP)
Jeevan Sugam81310 years10 yearsLump-sumSingle premium plan with high life cover and liquidity option.
Jeevan Shagun82612 years9 yearsSingleSingle premium with loyalty addition payable on maturity.
Jeevan Mangal83215 years5 yearsLowMicro-insurance plan for financial protection of the family.


  1. Health Plans: LIC offers health insurance plans that cover medical expenses and provide financial support during health-related emergencies.
Plan NameTable No.Maximum TermMinimum TermPremiumUnique Selling Point (USP)
Jeevan Arogya904Lifetime1 yearRegularComprehensive health cover for the whole family on a floater basis.

Please keep in mind that the features and availability of plans may vary over time, so it’s advisable to check with LIC of India or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information on these plans.

LIC of India Plans

Type of PlanPlan Name and Table Number
Jeevan Azad
Children PlansJeevan Tarun
Health PlansChildren’s Money Back Plan
Money Back Plans20 Year Money Back Plan
25 Year Money Back Plan
Endowment PlansNew Endowment 914
New Jeevan Anand 915
Jeevan Lakshya 933
Jeevan Labh 936
Aadhar Stambh 943
Aadhar Shila 944
Bima Jyoti 860
Micro Bachat 951
Dhan Sanchay 865
Jeevan Umang 945
LIC Cancer Care
Term PlansSaral Jeevan Bima 859
Jeevan Amar 855
e-Term Plan
Single Premium PlansBima Bachat 916
Single Premium Endowment 917
Jeevan Shanti
ULIP PlansNivesh Plus 849
SIIP 852
Endowment Plus 935
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