LIC Forms


Form NameDescriptionDownload LinkLanguageFile Type
Form No. 300To apply for a new policy300EnglishPDF
Form No. 680 Revival of Lapsed Policy680EnglishPDF 
Form No. 37833783EnglishPDF
Form No. 3783 AIf policy has run for 3 years or more from date or risk, claim form no.3783A may be used.3783AEnglishPDF
Form No. 3510 3510EnglishPDF
Form No. 360 360English PDF 
Form No. 3750 3750English PDF
Maturity claim  English PDF
Suitability analysis  English PDF
Nominee change  English PDF
Form No. 3815  English PDF
New policy  English PDF
Form No. 16  English PDF
Form No. 14  English PDF
Form No. 1C  EnglishPDF
Form No. 142  EnglishPDF
Form No. 15h  EnglishPDF
Form No. 15g  EnglishPDF
Form No. 189  EnglishPDF
Form No. 3756Forms required for issuance of duplicate policy3756EnglishPDF
Form No. 3825  EnglishPDF
Form No. 3762  EnglishPDF
Form No. 3264  EnglishPDF
Form No. 5074  EnglishPDF
Form No. 5180 Survival Benefit Claims forms 5180EnglishPDF
Form No. 5196  EnglishPDF
Form No. 5198  EnglishPDF
Form No. 680 rev 87  EnglishPDF
Form No. 660  English PDF
Form No. 7554  English PDF
Form No. 7649  English PDF
Form No. 7250  English PDF
FOrm No. 700Revival of Lapsed policy – Form no. 700700EnglishPDF
FOrm No. 720Revival of Lapsed policy – Form no. 720720EnglishPDF
Update bank details  English PDF
Surrender policy  English PDF

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